where to start affiliate marketing

Where do you start affiliate marketing? The easiest place to start is signing up for Amazon’s affiliate program, finding a product you like, and writing a post on facebook about that product, with your affiliate link in the post.
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// How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing
1. Learn how to market online
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2. Choose an affiliate forum to join
a. http://johncrestani.com/stackthatmoney
b. http://madsociety.net/
3. Choose an affiliate network to join
a. Health product affiliate network. http://nutryst.com/
b. Amazon affiliate network
c. Clickbank affiliate network
4. Get website hosting. https://johncrestani.com/bh
5. Get a tracking tool. http://johncrestani.com/voluum
6. Backwards engineer another affiliates funnel (watch some videos on my channel)
7. Launch your own ads & make money!

// Recommended Affiliate Tools & Resources
Malan Darras’ Blog. http://www.malandarras.com/
Charles Ngo’s Blog. http://charlesngo.com/
Self Improvement Vlog. https://www.youtube.com/user/ProjectLifeMastery
Ad spy tool. http://johncrestani.com/whatrunswhere

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