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Affiliate using automation software to optimize productivity, increase profits and to enjoy more free time.Browse our site to learn about selected software that will automate your website or affiliate business including, social media campaigns and, content and multimedia generation. You can work hard or you can work smart using simple, proven automation software to take care of those mundane and tedious processes so you can focus on creativity.

Improve your bottom line while increasing free time and enjoy the rewards of your hard work. Enjoy your next vacation knowing your automated software is taking care of business even while you lay out on the beach or take a nap in the room.

Here are a links to some of our favorite software and online services. Many of these are free. Others charge a nominal one-time fee. Read on for more information about fantastic software and online tools that will make your life much easier, and will make your websites more profitable.


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Doodly – The Doodle Video Creator

Have you ever seen a doodle video and wondered how did they do it?

Doodly is the doodle video creator that allows you to create doodle videos in minutes!Doodly is a clever new point and click doodle video creator created by Jimmy Kim and Brad Callen. This tool will be a game changer for your video illustrations! What used to take hours of tedious drawing can now be replicated by a desktop computer app in minutes.

Doodle videos capture the viewer’s attention and cause them to focus more attentively to your presentations. Watch the video to see what we mean. We’ve arranged a special one time purchase price. No monthly subscriptions — you own it!.
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